Brighton Guitar Lessons

The Brighton Guitar Lessons Tutors

We offer tuition in all styles of both electric and acoustic guitar, including rock, metal, pop, folk and funk, and teach from home studios in Hove (Palmeira Square area - Henry) and Brighton (Preston Park - Dan). We offer affordable, tailor made, well planned lessons to all levels of guitarist. We are two close friends and colleagues who constantly evolve and improve the ways we teach through our weekly tutor meetings.

Henry Outhwaite

Henry Outhwaite, BA (Hons), MA (Sussex)

Henry is married with two children and lives in Hove. Henry has played guitar for over 30 years, in various bands and as a session guitarist. He most recently did a short tour with The Levellers' Mark Chadwick. After taking a postgraduate teaching course, Henry applied the lessons he learnt from this to teaching guitar, something he has done for more than twenty years. Henry teaches from the Palmeira Square area of Hove.

Dan Denning

Dan Denning, BA (Hons) (Professional Musicianship)

Dan is an experienced guitarist and has taught for BGL for the last four years. Dan is a graduate of the Brighton Institute of Modern Music (BA in professional musicianship). With much session work under his belt, including recent sessions for the BBC, and ongoing gigging, Dan is able to teach many different styles of rock, pop and funk guitar. Dan teaches in the Preston Park area of Brighton from a well equipped home studio.