Video lessons


Welcome to our video lessons page. This is a new and ongoing project and for that reason some of the categories above are more full than others, but we are adding more lessons every week.

In designing these videos we have drawn on the experience we have gained from teaching thousands of private lessons every year. Whilst these video lessons have been designed as a resource to aid practice for our private students, we have also tried to make them as useful as possible to people who may be learning on their own. We have recently started adding Premium Lessons to our site. For a small charge you can use our very safe and fast webshop to take video lessons and buy other products which will help you consolidate the learning you have done in our free lessons.

Absolute beginners can try the first lesson in ‘Getting Started’ to learn some basic terms and techniques. For copyright reasons we have avoided teaching songs and mainly teach common chord progressions. In our 1-to-1 teaching at Brighton Guitar Lessons we, of course, focus our teaching on specific songs.